All contents are Digital content.
After your payment, I will send you the content by Email.
* All communications are encrypted and sent securely.
* Please set to you can receive the Email from
Usually you can get the Email within ~24 hours after the payment is completed.

You can pay via Bitcoin/AmazonGift

※There is a fee to send Bitcoin. So tell me before you send. I can give you some discounts.
※If you are available, please send to Coincheck. It's best for me.

1. Send bitcoin to my BTC address.

BTC address: 12TgUqyganFcBDHS4SD2pGEmrAJyurbAxC
BTC address: 1429AFdwz5JoMoMK2cTGxRkkABTiGHweXV
BTC address: 19xcnCuxn5tQFX6VWPbBYZ4Y6iUJ4rMmhd
PayID: 290293655

2. Email me how much did you send money and what album did you buy.

3. I will send you album that you bought when payment is confirmed.

【AmazonGift Card】
Create Japanese Amazon store's account.
※ It 's better to change the language from the bottom of the page.
And then, email me what set do you want to buy before sending the gift card.
I will tell you how much you should send and where you should send to.

After that, I will send contents to you by link of online storage.